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We provide the following types of legal services, which can be divided into three types:

1. Services requiring, due to the complexity, rarity, unusualness of the client's situation, maximum use of the lawyer’s resources The optimal combination of professionalism, experience, creativity and advanced problem-solving technologies. I call such services "Difficult and interesting."

2. Services requiring an already established solution algorithm. The situation itself is no different novelty. The experience of a law firm (lawyer), based on solving similar problems, provides a more predictable result with minimized costs (expenses). I call such services lawyer "Experience."

3. Services requiring maximum efficiency. Everything is very clear and understandable. A great deal of experience. I call such services lawyer "Just."

Due to the fact that we are engaged in the provision of legal services related to all the types listed earlier. At the same time we offer to take into account our:

a) the level of professionalism;
b) the experience of solving similar or similar cases in the courts of the region and nearby courts of first and second instance or, in cases relating to accompanying business, the experience of accompanying various small and medium business projects;
c) creative, original, non-standard solutions.

We carefully approach the choice of each case (question, situation) that we are offered to solve.

We always work within the framework of the legal field, as much as possible combining possible work tools.

We achieve our goals.

In addition to the above, we believe that also our advantages are:

1. Everything that is possible, we undertake. You do not spend personal time. You do not need to independently deal with issues. You go about your business. Your participation in the case is reduced to reviewing the results of our work, presented to you in the form of clear and transparent reports, and their approval (acceptance).

2. Feedback. Constantly inform you about the progress of the assignment with the provision of supporting documents. We are constantly in touch (telephone, e-mail).

3. Geography. We conduct business in the regions of Western and Eastern Siberia (Novosibirsk Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Irkutsk Region, Kemerovo Region, etc.).

4. Price of legal services. You have a choice of terms and conditions of payment for our services, based on the proposed options (fixed price, hourly rate, subscriber system, success fee, etc.).

We are confident. Therefore, we offer our customers the following guarantees:

1) guarantee of punctuality.
We respect you. We respect your time.
Therefore, we guarantee punctuality and accuracy. Like a Swiss watch in meeting any deadlines.

2) a guarantee of optimism and sense of humor.
We see this life in bright colors. These are orange, blue, red, yellow and other colors. We like this life and we are glad to the one with whom she introduces us.
Therefore, we guarantee optimism and sense of humor.

3) 100 percent warranty.
We do not use excuses. We keep our word.
Therefore, we guarantee that we will do our best in the conduct of your business.
We split into a cake.

4) return guarantee fee.
If you decide that we have stopped working well, we will refund 50 percent of the fee paid. We will return them without any problems. 14 days and the money you have.

5) guarantee of secrecy.
We guarantee the secrets of our customers.
We will die along with the secrets of our customers.

What are the advantages of law firms?
 06/07/2017 13:08
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For legal settlement of various issues relating to business, real estate, protection of our own rights, etc., we often need the help of professionals. To do this, there is a private lawyer or law firm with experience and knowledge in this area who can solve the problem as soon as possible. Who to choose depends on the circumstances of the case. However, in some cases, preference should be given to an experienced company. But why try to understand.

Important advantages
The law firm, in fact, is a whole team of highly qualified specialists. And this is already a considerable advantage.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following benefits:
A wide range of features. The legal services provided by the firm are usually much more diverse, since There are many lawyers and they all have their own specialization. The main activities are taxation, procedural rules, auditing, family law, etc.
Qualification support. For the company is important its credibility, so the leadership to ensure that the knowledge of employees all the time improved. For this purpose, trainings, consultations are held, knowledge obtained from court practice, reviews is systematized.
Continuity of service. In the case of vacation, illness lawyer you will be given another.
Confidentiality. Non-disclosure of information concerning the case is guaranteed.
Financial benefits. When paying for services with the company, a significantly lower percentage of taxation.
However, with all this, the law firm must be chosen carefully, based on its professionalism, responsibility, popularity. You will also need to conclude an agreement where all the nuances of cooperation, terms of payment for services will be stated.

We offer our clients our legal services in the following areas:

1) business support;
2) protection of intellectual property;
3) litigation;
4) corporate practice;
5) real estate;
6) tax law.

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