Robobroker - Brokerage services in the USA

Benefits of brokerage service
Brokerage services are suitable for both private and institutional clients who need a reliable securities market guide with Russian and European experience. For each client, we provide both standard and individual brokerage solutions and services.

Why brokerage services for private clients?
- Ability to increase revenue
- Ability to save capital

- The possibility of diversification of their assets
Why brokerage services for companies?
- Minimization of costs for companies already associated with the financial market (software, personnel)
- Ability to manage free balances

- Ability to insure emerging risks

- Maintain liquidity
The company's specialists with many years of financial management experience help each client determine the list of financial instruments, based on the client's tasks, determine the account management strategy, and offer fresh ideas to make the most rational investment decisions. Affordable brokerage rates at Concern General Invest provide an opportunity to get help from specialists on favorable terms.

One of the most sought-after services that Concern General Invest provides as part of brokerage services is repurchase transactions. REPO transactions involve the purchase or sale of securities with their subsequent return on sale or purchase within the period specified by the contract. Securities purchased or sold under a repo agreement must be repurchased or sold back at a price that is set at the conclusion of the first part of the transaction. In our company, the cost of providing brokerage services for such transactions is determined individually, depending on the volume.

Brokerage services, as well as the full range of Concern General Invest asset and securities management services, provides an opportunity not only to earn income, but ultimately acquire valuable knowledge and experience that will help you in the future to make effective and right investment decisions completely independently.

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