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The Forex market has many advantages and today is by right the largest financial market in the world. Millions of traders around the world choose the Forex market due to the following advantages:

Liquidity. Forex operates with enormous cash, so the trader has a non-stop opportunity to open or close a position of almost any volume at the current price. The daily turnover of Forex on average is more than 3 trillion dollars (according to the data of the Bank for International Settlements). And these volumes continue to grow.
Availability. Thanks to e-commerce technologies, access to Forex is now available to almost every individual. You can manage your trading terminal at home, lying on a sofa, or in a cafe, airport, taxi or hotel.
Round the clock operation. Unlike other exchanges (stock, commodity, which interrupt trading at the end of the day) supply of quotations and the possibility of opening and closing deals on Forex is not interrupted for a minute and occurs 24x5. This allows you to earn a Forex man from any time zone and with any daily routine. Alternately, open and close exchanges in Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Relevant trading sessions are called "Asian", "European", "American" and "Pacific".
No commissions. Compared to working in other markets, Forex offers almost no commission for opening and closing transactions, with the exception of the natural market difference between the bid and ask prices of the Bid / Ask, which is called the spread.
Small initial capital. In practice, the minimum amount sufficient to start trading on Forex is many times less than what it would have needed to trade on other exchanges.
Great leverage. Using the mechanism of leverage, the trader gets access to operating with the volumes of transactions, many times exceeding the contributed own capital.
Stability. Currencies are a much more liquid commodity with constant demand (compared to, for example, stocks). This allows the Forex market to be more protected from rapid and sudden falls.
Objectivity. Operations with really large amounts (several tens of billions of dollars) can affect prices, which ultimately really reflects the situation with the price of a particular currency.
A wide selection of tools. Forex offers several dozens of currency pairs with different "character" and volatility. This allows the trader to choose the most convenient and understandable to him "portfolio".
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