Cryptobots - they are needed to automate bitcoin trading. Trading robots support one or more strategies. It is important to understand the program settings and the chosen style of crypto trading. Profinvestment experts have researched over 50 algorithmic trading platforms and compiled a detailed list of cryptocurrency trading bots based on their profitability, functionality, and user reviews. Why are cryptobots needed? Cryptobots automate the trading of bitcoin, ether or other assets. Used for trading on the stock exchange or over-the-counter market. Automated cryptocurrency trading is an opportunity to make a profit without participating in trading.

The bot buys/sells an asset for you. Your task is to set stop losses and take profits. Stop loss in simple words is the lower rate, upon reaching which the bot sells the asset. Stop loss protects against big losses. Take profit in simple terms is the upper rate at which the bot sells bitcoins. This is called profit taking. Take profit is an opportunity to make a big profit before the market goes down.

You can watch the course changes and the actions of the bot in real time from anywhere in the world. What tools do cryptobots use? Cryptocurrency trading bots offer different strategies and benchmarks for different indicators. What strategies do cryptobots use? It can be arbitrage - buy bitcoin cheaper on one exchange, sell more expensive on another. Or scalping - buy / sell crypto assets at the slightest fluctuation. Or a reversion to the mean - the idea is that an asset can move up or down, but at some point it will return to the old value. This is the psychology of the market. There are many more strategies - they came from the stock market.

What is a cryptobot made of? Backtesting is a module where the chosen strategy is tested on historical market data. Strategy - here they choose the logic of the bot's behavior and prescribe the formulas that it will follow. Have you written a strategy? Check it out for backtesting. Execution – test the strategy on the exchanges. It is advisable not to risk real money, but to use exchanges with a demo account. In this section, the written logic is “translated” into a language understandable to the exchange. Scheduler - after you have “translated” the logic into a language understandable to the systems and tested it, start real cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptobot fully automates trading or not? Cryptocurrency trading robots automate routine tasks. Advanced AI cryptobots are able to analyze news or sentiment on Twitter. But it is better to monitor such events on your own and adjust the actions of the program. Final Thoughts Cryptobots save traders from routine, and in some cases analyze fundamental events. A cryptobot can have a simple interface. But it is important to understand the strategy he uses. Before using the robot, learn the basic concepts of crypto trading, set up stop losses and take profits, test the program, watch the market and the steps of the bot.